Codepink Will Occupy the Bohemian Grove July 14!

What better way to spend Bastille Day than to Occupy the Bohemian Grove, site of the annual gathering of rich and powerful– men only! — who cavort and confer on how they will continue to plunder and plague our earth with military and corporate greed and destruction?

“The Bohemian Grove is an American version of race, gender and class elitism. It is the human process of building insider ties, consensual understandings, and lasting connections in the service of class solidarity. Ties reinforced at the Grove manifest themselves in global trade meetings, party politics, campaign financing, and top-down democracy. In a sense, they live in a self-made Bastille surrounded by power, prestige and privilege, and united in their fear of grassroots democracy,” Peter Phillips

Codepink will participate in “Occupy the Bohemian Grove” this year on July 14 (with optional overnight camping) along with Kris Welch of KPFA, Cindy Sheehan, Bohemian Grove Action Network, Occupy Santa Rosa, Project Censored, Move to Amend, ANSWER Coalition, Round Valley Indians for Justice, more.

Planning Meeting for Codepink “Occupy Bohemian Grove”
Sunday, June 24, 4 PM; 6 PM potluck following meeting

Codepink will have a speaker on drone warfare at the rally on July 14, and we’ll do a skit on drones as well. Your participation is wholeheartedly invited, so please come to our planning meeting on June 24 and/or let me know if you’re interested in participating.

There will be a group of mothers from Japan at the July 14 event as well, making this an incredible opportunity to connect with these brave women speaking out against the radiation catastrophe of Fukushima (see link to video below).

While the Bohemian Grove is less than two hours from the Bay Area, making this a nice day trip, it would be great for a group of us to camp overnight, and arrangements are being made for 8 of us to stay in a local campground.
If you’d like to camp with us, please reply to secure a spot.

Here is the general website for the Bohemian Grove action:

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One Response to Codepink Will Occupy the Bohemian Grove July 14!

  1. Martha says:

    The link goes to a “suspended page.” What happened? Blacked out by “the powers?”

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